October 2009 Archives

ready for mn

Danika found a hat and some mittens for Graham to wear this winter when we visit his Grandpa in MN. He seems to like them. I wonder how we will keep them from freezing since I have a feeling he will be chewing and drooling on them non-stop?

New hat and mittens

autumn in seattle

Autumns in Seattle are often rainy and the leaves tend to change fairly quickly compared to the east coast or the midwest. This year's Seattle autumn has been great so far. We have had quite a bit of sun and pretty mild weather. The vine maple in front of our house has turned a brillant red, it looks neon red when the sun hits it right.

Red Maple

Red Maple

frost on the pumpkin v2.0

Marc and I brewed again on Saturday. We brewed a rye PA and a pumpkin ale. We brewed a pumpkin one other time back in 2005. We put a lot of pumpkin in it, 15 pounds, and it ended up tasting a bit vegetable-ly. After a aging a while (2-3 weeks) in the keg the vegetable flavor subsided and the spices become more prominent. It was an okay beer, but not quite what we had hoped.